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VONBRAUNLABS Passive Secure AVI Tag uses AES128 cryptography for automated vehicle authentication

April 14, 2015 | By | No Comments

San Diego, USA, April 15, 2015 – VONBRAUNLABS today announced its first AVI product, Passive Secure AVI Tag, which is already in operation in Brazil – the UHF (ultra-high frequency) passive tag provides high speed performance and AES security features.

This new chip was entirely designed by VONBRAUNLABS and it enables both read and speed range performance with cryptographic security in commercial applications; Entity authentication is provided through a dynamic challenge-response mechanism on each transmission, thus reducing any risk of data emulation. VONBRAUNLABS solution offers a cryptographic security using 128-bit key based on AES (advanced encryption standard) algorithm, which supports cryptographic confidentiality of data and Tag authentication in RFID systems operating in the UHF range (860 MHz to 960 MHz). Moreover, the ultra-low power IC provides fast AES128 processing, therefore tailored for AVI applications as real-case implementations prove that read-range is not an important requirement, as much as IC processing speed is.

VONBRAUNLABS product is mass production ready for applications such as All Electronic Toll Collection (AETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), License Plate Authentication and Parking Access Control. VONBRAUNLABS RFID expertise and real-life industrial experience in all of these applications include complete systems solution in the state of Sao Paulo which currently incorporates 1,600 automated toll plazas, running 2 million transactions per day. The complete solution is being expanded nationally to all states of Brazil. Now, the Passive Secure AVI Tag guarantees secure vehicle authentication with confidential data transmission in the form of sticker-tags.

VONBRAUNLABS solution allows tag’s secret-key configuration ANYWHERE, enabling the Service Operator to have complete decision control of the tag’s security, whether it should be performed during the manufacturing process or not. “In order to comply with stringent requirements from governmental agencies and commercial customers, the key configuration mechanism needs to be secure and manufacturer-independent. We offer that to our customer“, said Dr. Dario Thober, CEO of VONBRAUNLABS. “Security and Speed is NOT a thing of the future anymore.

VONBRAUNLABS is presenting the Passive Secure AVI Tag at the event RFID Journal Live, April 15-17, in San Diego, California.

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