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Automatic Vehicle Identification

What is AVI?

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) is a very efficient technology based on Ultra High Frequency RFID tags. One of the most common applications are for vehicle and traffic management. All vehicles can be detected with a wireless connection and several things can be done with this data, including automatic tolling, assets management and access control. The vehicle doesn’t even need to slow down, because AVI can work at high speeds, such as on the road.

How can AVI help your business?

  • By automating tasks like toll collection, you reduce the amount of hired employees to control the system flow.
  • The vehicle could be passing by at more than 74 miles per hour (120km/h) and its identity/data would still be detected wirelessly.
  • By removing manual identification steps in your business flow, you get more precise data and drastically reduce the amount of errors

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