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Back-Office & Integration

Connectivity with ERPs & EPC Systems

Most multi-national companies cannot run without an ERP system, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Most of them use technologies such as the SAP and Oracle solutions to provide trustworth platforms for finance & controlling, supply chain and many other vital tasks. Moreover, the Electronic Product Code (EPC) system raised by EPCglobal is also important to identificate individual items that a company manufactures on the warehouse level.

We at Von Braun Labs provide complete solutions that can connect to the real world and interact, send and receive data from/to these 3rd party managerial systems.

Technical Expertise & Consulting

Our highly seasoned and diverse team of engineers and scientists also provides advising on the best strategies to improve your solutions in the field. Most systems need maintenance and fine tune on both physical (e.g. cables, connections, routers) and logical (e.g. software update, network setup, broadband settings) layers and that can also be done by our team.

3rd Party Software Integration

One of the biggest challenges that we face nowadays is to use software solutions that are highly complex, but not flexible enough to interact well with other apps. By understanding the 3rd party software, we can create custom interfaces that can make integration smoother and it will connect them to other apps, as well as the real world (web, mobile & desktop interfaces).

High Quality Documentation

Most projects nowadays only focus on delivering the final product, but specially for technology-focused solutions, it’s essential that a high quality documentation comes into place. From the end-user’s standpoint, our solutions work flawlessly and the technical side is transparent. On the technical team’s standpoint, it’s very important to understand what’s going on under the hood, so that more improvements could be added and a fine tuning could be done with no issues. We go beyond developing complete solutions and also provide high quality documentation with both rich texts and visuals.

High Speed Systems

Specially in the  manufacturing and assembling markets, timming is everything. An assembling line isn’t allowed to stop for long periods of time and maintenance impacts the whole production chain. There’s no tolerance regarding software crashing and slow response. That’s where our complete solutions comes into place. We focus on high speed and vital software architectures that are focused on your needs, that doesn’t freeze and won’t let your company down while running on the field.

Safe Data Transmission

With enabling technologies such as Apple Pay, internet banking and e-commerce, a lot of confidential data is going through mobile devices and desktop computers. It’s essential that all that data gets encrypted to protect financial and personal information. We at Von Braun Labs develop solutions that are safe using some of the most advanced technologies in our software, such as AES128.

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