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IC Design & Manufacturing



The Center has its own library of IC blocks, design & fabless capability to give its customers concrete means to strategically have their own products and complete domain over key-components.


Fabless Semiconductor

In practice, giving companies their own semiconductor divisions leading to strategically differentiated products in their segmented markets. A complete team and structure for the fabrication and project of innovative microprocessors of the highest standards of quality by the main world foundries with which von Braun labs has partnership.


Resources for new chip design and fabrication
  • The microelectronic group of Von Braun labs (a design house) has an excellent computational infrastructure composed by execution and data storage data servers coneected to desktop interface by a high performance network. These are other group resources:
  • Laboratory for prototyping containing several test and measurement equipments for integrated circuit assembly, microtesting, temperature controlling and tools for board prototyping;
  • A design house based on Cadence solutions besides additional scientific and engineering softwares;
  • Access to foundry processes and services, encapsulation technology and other wafer and IC testing facilities;

IP Development

Intellectual properties (IP) are some of the most important assets that companies can generate. Patents, scientific papers and automated solutions are good examples of how a company can innovate and set the standards in its market. By always generating new technologies and innovations, the stakeholders and investors feel more comfortable to fund new projects and keep on believing on the company’s mission and strategies.

Von Braun Labs can assist on the process of adding value to your systems by providing IP development solutions. From small portions of code up to critical points in your system, we can provide essential components of your framework with our IP development services.

VIP Verification Services

If the time to market needs to be short and reliability is at the top of your priorities, this is the service to go for.

Ultra Low Power & Mixed Signal Solutions

Energy efficiency is a global concern. Doing more with less has become an essential part in reducing costs and making products more competetitive nowadays. Our team excels at developing solutions that are truly energy savers. Besides providing highly-efficient systems, we also develop mixed-signal solutions such as complete power management, voltage regulators and reference sources that adds stability and precision during critical transactions.

Evaluation & Testing

One of our core values is to provide trustworthy and matured services. In order to make it happen, several concepts are kept in our minds while developing our solutions, such as Design-for-Testability (DFT). Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), Built-in Self Test (BIST) are some of the testing strategies that we use with our designs to get the best results in our segment. Moreover, extensive visual inspection (microscope), probing and field tests are done to make sure that everything’s working as expected in real-case scenarios.

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