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Software Development

Mobile and Desktop Apps

The Von Braun Labs software development team use several platforms to develop solutions from all levels of complexity, including apps for smartphones/tablets (Android, IOS & Windows Phone) and laptop/desktop environments (Mac OS, Linux & Windows). From educational up to business intelligence software, we have a seasoned team of developers that will be more than glad to bring your ideas and requests to reality.

Automatic Vehicle Identification Support Systems

The Von Braun Labs has the ability to develop all the required software in order to automatically identify vehicles on roads, parking lots, gas stations and many other places. There are several items that the software has to integrate and our programmers can do it seamlessly.

Communication Systems

The fact that the Von Braun Labs excels at developing wireless technologies is no news, but the VBL teams also have the hability to develop software that supports communication systems. Users can share voice, data and video at the highest speeds through our seamless software solutions.

RFID-Based Software

Developing the hardware for RFID solutions isn’t enough. The VBL also studies the company needs and develop a complete blueprint that includes the necessary software to run RFID-based apps. All the data that comes from the tags (e.g. product id, expiration date, manufacturer data) needs to be received, processed and showed in an intuitive and friendly way to warehouse managers, logistics coordinator and the operational staff. That’s when the Von Braun Labs RFID-based software comes into play and adds value to the business.

Embedded Software

The more funcionality the day-by-day home appliances and devices get, the bigger the need for software developed for special platforms. Now microwaves, fridges and the washing machines also require software and they come embedded into their systems. These systems require low-level programming and can only be done with the know-how on how to program microcontrollers. The Von Braun Labs teams have a seasoned experience with these projects.

Big Data & Business Intelligence

Unconsistent and un-organized data means nothing to business. What our technology can really add up to the decision making process is when it gets all that data that comes from the production/selling systems and sends it to a standardized platform that visually and interactively show results on-the-fly. Big chunks of data can also be analyzed and turned into value information with our Big Data & Business Intelligence solutions. With graphs, charts and live data, the decision making process gets easier and the company optimizes resource consumption.

The Art of Making Software

There are several ways to solve problems related to information technology and software. Most of the design decisions made are based on previous experiences and on technical statistics, but some part of it can come from intuition and creativity. We at Von Braun Labs love to program and we consider our software as the best digital solution to our client needs, but we also consider it an art form that shapes business throughout the world.

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