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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Ecosystem

Objects vary a lot in shape, form and functionality, but there is a way to insert them into the virtual world: a data-secured, single wireless device that is able to be embedded into any type of product following an international standard is the secure RFID device. It is not only the device itself, but the whole system that allows multiple service operators to utilize the same device across its life-cycle, each one of them able to have access only to its own data, that serves as a platform for multiple application – that’s the concept Von Braun Labs is promoting – and has proven record of success in doing it this way.

What can be done with IoT?

The possibilities are endless, but as devices start to communicate with each other through the web, several applications can be implemented:

  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Buildings / Offices / Houses
  • Pollution Detection
  • Detection of Explosive and Hazardous Gases in the Industry
  • Traffic Congestion Monitoring
  • Smart & Adaptive Logistics Based on Real Time Data
  • Vital Signs Detection and Medical Monitoring
  • and many others

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